Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So last night we finally bought my ticket to California.
I am really excited! Everyday gets me closer to pursuing my career. 
I swear, the closer January 4th gets, the more things piece themselves together to make things more easy for me. It is a relief. 

My plane leaves early in the morning and will land around noon. I am going to land in the airport, get picked up by my roommate, and we are going to LA so I can audition for America's Next Top Model the next day. I am going to see more of LA than my new home in the first two days of being there. I am anxious to see how things go! I will definitely keep you posted!

Also, I attached a few pictures from previous photo shoots that I have been doing.
I will put some up of the shoot I did in Baltimore as soon as I get access to them!
Thank you everybody! (:

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